Christine Workman

I've known Adam for years and always knew that when I needed him or any insurance he would be my "go to" guy. Fortunately, when I ended up buying my company and had no idea what to do first, Adam was there with the solutions. He explained the various types of insurance I would need, what options I had and how to approach individual requests from clients for additional insurance I may or may not really need. Always quick with an answer, his team is second to none and I would recommend their firm to anyone needing insurance of any type.

Philip Brilliant

As a small business owner you need a trusted team of professionals to advise you on the small and big issues and most importantly, see your risks before you do. Adam “has your back” and provides insight and analysis on all of your professional insurance needs, but also works with each staff member on their own personal health benefit situations. Puharic and Associates, Inc. is a one-stop shop for all your insurance requirements, from business, to home and to life. Adam spends the time to make sure you understand your policy, your risk and your payment options. Adam is a member of the Brilliant Team!

Michele Strassheim

When I was first establishing my business, I was referred to Adam by a colleague. To quote my friend, “ You won’t need to talk to anyone else. Adam is your guy. Trust me. Talk to him and you’ll see what I mean.” No doubt, a quick phone conversation with Adam and I immediately knew he was “the guy” – the right insurance broker for my new Architecture practice. Adam is sharp, knowledgeable, and very responsive. During my quest for professional liability insurance, Adam answered all of my questions. I explained that the type of work I specialize in is at a higher risk of litigation than other areas, so I don’t need the cheapest insurance policy, I need the one that is going to best protect me and my business. Today, I can rest easy because I have the utmost confidence that Adam has provided me with the best guidance and my business the best protection. To anyone in need of an insurance broker, Adam is your guy.

Chemmie Sokolic

Adam Puharic is fantastic to work with. He's very patient and willing to answer any questions I had. He's a wonderful educator, and a good person. He's also very responsive. I would not hesitate to recommend him for your insurance needs.

Zack Malecki

The team at Puharic and Associates handle all of my insurance needs. The level of commitment to both their customers and community is second to none. They are proactive, attentive, responsive and extremely knowledgeable. Im proud and honored to have them as part of the team!

Jim Dallas

As a small business owner, I feel FULLY protected by Puharic and Associates, Inc. Adam is very responsive and is my "go-to guy" for all my business insurance requirements.

Alex Tragnitz

Adam and his team are extremely professional and knowledgeable. Adam is the first person I think of when it comes to my home, auto, and business insurance needs, and they are usually able to provide the best quotes too!

Donna Biegert

Adam, Dana, and their entire staff are a team of professionals you want in your corner. What stands out most in my mind is they are truly grateful to have you as a client and work very hard to maintain that relationship. Call them today for all your insurance needs.

Shari Blecki

Puharic and Associates are awesome!! Extremely knowledgeable in their field and super fast to respond to questions and requests. I highly recommend Puharic and Associates, you won't be disappointed.

John C

Very prompt responses to emails and phone calls. Also very knowledgeable. They went out of their way to find me the best quote from a solid and reputable insurance company. I recommend Puharic and Associates highly!

Dorothea Zando Laux

Excellent, fast and very professional service. Adam and his team are a pleasure to work with!

Kara L

I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied doing business with Puharic and Associates. Everyone is professional and very friendly. Quick to respond to any questions and/or concerns.

Jonathan W. Ker

Adam has served as our trusted advisor for years and helped us handle insurance requirements with ease.  Always friendly and available, he takes the time to answer our questions and guides us to policies that best suit our needs.

William Jensen, Jr.

Puharic and Associates, Inc. have provided consistently good advice, friendly and fast service, and access to all the insurance markets that help my business grow.  Their value-added service of insurance contract review keeps me apprised of issues that can result in unnecessary claims.  A trusted advisor who always responds to my calls.

Walter Hopkin

Puharic and Associate, Inc. are hands-on when it comes to managing health insurance and benefits for my employees.  Always willing to take calls directly, track down billing concerns and give real advice, Adam gives my company and our employees the power and responsiveness of a larger firm with the personal touch and concern of a local professional.

Paul D. Rugarber, AIA

Adam Puharic and team are the most responsive and knowledgeable agency I’ve ever encountered.  His enthusiasm and guidance are unmatched in the industry.  He is my guardian angel, watching my back.  If you have insurance, you should have Adam.

Andrea Hopkin, LLA

Adam and his team are the best.  His guidance has been indispensable in navigating my insurance needs for my small business.

Karen Gruppuso

As a small business owner, having a team of trusted professionals you can rely on is critical.  Puharic and Associates, Inc. has demonstrated genuine concern for making sure that my small business has the best and most comprehensive insurance protection.  Adam is extremely knowledgeable and is excellent at explaining coverage and ways to limit liability.  I have entrusted Adam Puharic with my insurance needs since the inception of my business and truly believe he is the best broker around.

Steven M. Rozek, CHMM

Puharic and Associates, Inc. is different than other insurance agents. The difference was immediate and obvious. Adam called me, spent time explaining what coverage made sense, talking through many different considerations related to risk. Adam is a frequent contact as I establish contractual relationships with subcontractors and others. He will hop-on-a-call with my administrator to discuss our insurance coverage and details we should plan for, as we grow. There is no comparison to the quality of service received with Puharic and Associates, Inc. — and, I’m happy to continue doing business with Adam as we grow.

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